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Carrie McClain is a nationwide hemp advocate and Florida based attorney dedicated to promoting hemp innovation across the country.  Emboldened by the ideology of historic, environmental and financial sustainability of legacy crops, Carrie has spent years traversing the country learning from farmers and innovators so that she can help educate lawmakers towards enacting laws that support the industry and protect the public.

Carrie focuses her efforts toward protecting the civil liberties of and minimizing risks and vulnerabilities to hemp farmers, hemp and cannabis processors, hemp product innovators, manufacturers, and their families in a fluctuating and unstable legal landscape.  She is equally dedicated to helping government officials and legislators grasp the intricacies of returning a historic crop to legality, forging the way for hemp resurgence and profitability across the country.

Carrie McClain, Lawyer | Hemp Advocates

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The Hands On Lawyer Hemp Deserves

Carrie McClain advises, marshalls, and connects industry professionals riding the green wave for their greater benefit.  Involved in the hemp and cannabis industries for years, Carrie is a proven leader across the nation through advocacy, legislative and consultancy efforts.  A native of Jacksonville Beach, she is a skilled and experienced business, tax and succession planning attorney.  Carrie is the business attorney for a burgeoning industry.

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Carrie McClain, Hemp Advocate | Attorney


Carrie McClain, Florida Cannabis Advocate

Carrie McClain shifted the focus of her law practice to industrial hemp and marijuana advocacy specifically to help farmers further their farm sustainability, provide for a new industry with ancient practices, and to give patients and consumers peace of mind in their locale to comply with local rules.

If you are a patient or the parent of a child in need experiencing problems finding or working with the right care providers, we can help.  Carrie is passionate about cannabis use in medical care and will fight for your rights.

If you are a farmer and are curious about the opportunity this plant provides, give our office a call to discuss the future.


Hemp and Cannabis Innovation

The HEMP movement has just started to emerge, and Carrie is on the cutting edge of the innovative opportunities the plant holds both medicinally and industrially. The Cannabis plant has more than 45,000 thousand uses and can manipulate to improve generally every product currently mass-produced and she intends to make those products better with HEMP.  At the forefront of an agricultural revolution, Carrie prides herself on the real purpose of listening to the ideas of the everyday person envisioning their tomorrow with the advent of this plants re-cultivation.

Marijuana laws are flourishing through the U.S. and abroad.  Our firm is dedicated to promoting and enriching the status of both the professionals and consumers to ensure compliance with current rules and regulations set forth and to navigate emerging and evolving local, state, and federal laws and policies that govern patient care, prescribing marijuana, and recreational use. We are committed to ensuring care providers, patients, and consumers maintain access through advocacy and informed compliance.


Advocacy and Support for Women in the Hemp Industry

Women in Hemp is a non-profit legislative and practical advocacy group comprised of mothers, wives, daughters, grandmothers, and sisters. Its mission is to support, encourage, and empower women who are leading hemp initiatives across the country through agriculture, research, medical, and consumer products.


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